Where Are We?

Hi kids. It’s been a while since anything was posted in this space and I finally have some news to share about the future of Al Dente.

In a word, nothing has changed about Al Dente’s future. It’s on hiatus and will remain there for the time being. I still don’t feel as if I have a direction for what I want it to be. I want to do more significant food writing and learn about where our food comes from, but I have the challenge of a “real job” that “pays the bills” and “makes it possible” for me to have a site like this. I think that, in the long run, I’m doing more things like my visit to Dogfish Head and my Q&A with its brewmaster, and less recipe writing. For all of the desire to do this, I just don’t have the mojo to get it going.

Until that happens, I have some exciting news to share. Beginning in January, I will be one of the restaurant reviewers at Syracuse.com. My biweekly reviews will be published online and in The Post-Standard’s Weekend magazine. Sooner than that, my beer reviews will begin appearing on NewYorkUpstate.com, a travel and tourism site focused on what’s great about Upstate America. Craft beers will be reviewed weekly by two of us, and you can catch my biweekly reviews there on the weeks I do not have a published beer review. The challenge is there for me, as I have not written with a bylined, deadlined, edited piece for the mass market in about 15 or so years.

I’ll link to those reviews here, when they are published, as well as my social media channels, which is why my Facebook page is now titled Jared Paventi & Al Dente. Let’s see where this thing goes.

Al Dente will be back. I’m just not sure when.

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