Victory Is Mine!: Victory Brewing Company Helios Ale

In Greek mythology, Helios is the God of the sun. He is the brother of Eos, the dawn, and Selene, the moon. In Downington, Pa., Helios is a Belgian farmhouse ale made by the local brewery.


Victory Brewing Company had made its high-test saison (it also makes the Swing Session saison for the spring and summer) previously as a caged-and-corked bomber with the name V-Saison. As breweries do, Victory repackaged its saison with a new name, cap and price point. Helios is the result.

The golden-hued ale opens up hoppy with an earthy funk. It evolves into a sweet, malty flavor with flavors of citrus and honey. The tartness of the saison yeast is present all the way through this point, but it’s the payoff at the end where Helios sets itself apart from the garden variety saison. The yeasty tang is there, as is dryness from the hops and a spicy, black pepper flavor. The finish is what makes Helios special.


It’s certainly above average, but the unique finish sets Helios apart from the rest.

20150823172700Brewer: Victory Brewing Company
Beer: Helios Farmhouse Ale
Style: Saison/Farmhouse ale
ABV: 7.5%   IBU: n/a
Container: 22 oz. bottle
Price: $9.99  Point of Purchase: I actually do not remember
To The Eye: Golden and slightly cloudy with about one finger width of foam on the pour.
To The Nose: Fruity and tart.
To The Palate: Starts hoppy and tart. Morphs into a sweet and bready flavor with flavors of citrus, honey, banana and clove.
Aftertaste: Rounded out dry and crisp with flavors of black pepper.
Boozy Factor: It punches at it’s weight.
On a Scale of 1 to 10, with 10 as highest: 8.75

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