B. Nektar Week: Kill All The Golfers

pg5lkJ7xJARED’S NOTE: One of my favorite craft beer finds isn’t beer at all. The B. Nektar Meadery from produces a first-rate range of meads and ciders from its home in Ferndale, Mich., just outside of Detroit. The Wife and I happen to love their work and Al Dente is devoting this week to reviewing the meadery’s six year-round offerings.

The B. Nektar label I was looking forward to most was Kill All The Golfers. I mean, how do you go wrong with honey wine flavored with tea and lemon, right? And with a name that is as heartwarming as that? Right? Right?


It was damn near undrinkable. Musty and still. Tasted like a wet tea bag that sat on the counter in a cellar for a few days. It was awful. I drank about 1/3 of the pint glass before dumping it.


Now, I’m willing to chalk this up to a bad bottle or a bad batch. The problem with that explanation is how I obtained this bottle of Kill All The Golfers: it was sent to me by B. Nektar. It’s the one label that I cannot find in Upstate New York or when The In-Laws go to South Carolina. And judging by reviews from The Meadist and Rate Beer, this is an exception to the rule.

I won’t pass final judgement on Kill All The Golfers, but have to at least offer a score based on what I tasted.


B. Nektar Meadery Kill All The Golfers
Style: Mead
ABV: 6%
Container: 500mL bottle
Price: n/a  Point of Purchase: Provided by B. Nektar Meadery
To The Eye: Orange to gold and a little hazy.
To The Nose: A lot of tea and sweetness, presumably from the honey.
To The Palate: Sweet and funky. The honey and tea take leading roles here and not in a good way. The tea tasted terrible, like low quality Earl Grey. The honey tasted cheap and artificial. I poured it out after two or three sips.
Aftertaste: Wretched. I had to gargle and swish with water to get the flavor out of my mouth.
The Wife Factor: She never got to try it.
Boozy Factor: Inconsequential.
On a Scale of 1 to 10, with 10 as highest: 0

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