Grocery List: August 9, 2015

My kitchen is a damn mess. Usually, I can contain the clutter on the countertop by regular use but it has been an irregular few weeks here at Al Dente HQ. Wisdom teeth let to the kitchen being closed for about a week until my jaw returned to regular use. This, of course, let to the build up of stuff: mail, blender parts (lots of milkshakes were consumed), Costco-sized bags of snacks, to name a few. Since resuming regular cooking here, I have found myself confined to a 4×4 space of quartz to work, with everything else pushed into piles. 

Eventually this has to change. I need my kitchen counters back. I just don’t see it happening soon. Procrastination is a vice and I have an addictive personality.

Until then, we’ll just cross our fingers that nothing gets lost or broken.

Anyhow, it appears that the summer is drawing to a close. There’s three weekends left to August and then the grind of the school year returns. Summer never seems long enough, particularly when it snows from September to March. Friday marks the beginning of a long weekend as Al Dente heads south and east to Long Island for a visit to The Sister. Be sure to keep an eye on Instagram or our Facebook page for anything fun that may pop up.

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