Grocery List: August 2, 2015

Procrastination is a motherfu… really big problem when you have 90 minutes of audio to transcribe.

We returned from Rehoboth Beach two weeks ago today and I still have not done anything with my Dogfish Head brewery visit. I planned to do all the transcription of my time with the brewmaster while recovering from last week’s wisdom tooth extraction. Instead, I laid in bed, slept all day and watched bad a lot of television. Thinking I could automate the process, I tried out a product called Voicebase that promises highly accurate machine transcriptions. Here’s a portion of the “highly accurate” transcript, keeping in mind that this interview was about a brewery:

On the other we have a very small and twenty five percent of the group so it really can find a good while and right now it’s breaking out in there’s a kind of what’s going on here today.  They were pumped up spring season I could smell it earlier and I was out this morning.  So that’s why you don’t hear any dry out here in this other going on here.  So basically through pedals Carol you develop labor from was Asian players with Dr Albright which was a long drive up all those that wanted in there and of course we can build bitterness to alfalfa and the bitterness will pop for saying so yeah it’s obvious that they’re not that are actually boiling. 


So, I’ll get cracking on that soon. Based on what I’ve seen thus far, the Mispillion River Brewing pieces — notes from my visit and the Q&A with the owner and head brewer — were well received. I have no stake in Eric Williams’ brewery, but it’s hard not to instantly like him and hope that the brewery and business continues to grow. What he’s doing is what we all want to do deep down inside: walk away from the monotony of our day job and do something that we are both passionate about and that we believe in. Eric’s not getting rich — he talked extensively about making sure his staff was taken care of and the bills were paid before he touches a dime — and he accrued a ton of debt to get things going, but it’s tough not to admire the hell out of what he’s doing.

We’ll return to regular programming this week now that I’m able to chew solid food without pain. The wisdom teeth came out easily enough and required no stitches, so with the open pockets in my mouth, I’ve been concerned about rigid and jagged food. We’ll get back to beer, recipes and other stuff tomorrow.

As a side note, I want to do more Q&A’s. If you have a suggestion of someone to highlight, leave it in the comments below.

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