Roundup: Week #4 of the Syracuse Food Truck Rodeo

NOTE: The Syracuse Food Truck Association is holding a weekly Food Truck Rodeo in the parking lot of the Cosmopolitan Building on West Fayette Street from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays. Since that’s right around the corner from my office, I plan to make this my midweek lunch plan. As a service to you, dear reader, I’ll round them up and report back.

Who made a repeat appearance?

Unity Coffee Company, The Chicken Bandit, Shattuck’s Paddy Wagon, Oompa Loompyas, PB&J Lunchbox, Toss ‘N’ Fire Pizza, and Mami’s Kitchen

Who made their FTR debut?

Tortilla Jack’s

Who was missing from previous weeks?

Sarita’s and That’s What’s Up

Photo May 13, 11 54 54 AM

Was there music?

Rebel 105.9 was bringing the Led Zeppelin during my visit.

What was new?

Tortilla Jack’s brought it’s Cali-Mex food truck with fresh ingredients and tortilla chips fried on the spot.

Photo May 13, 11 53 14 AM

Recap it:

As my co-worker Toni and I approached the lot from Geddes Street, we were worried that the attendance looked light. It was not until we pulled in that we saw a good complement of trucks out. I decided that Toss ‘N’ Fire would be my first stop, as the owners left me a note on Facebook about visiting. You have to be impressed with the setup. Fresh 8-inch doughs are prepped to order and hit the wood-burning oven for about 5 minutes. I was halfway through giving my order of a “‘Cuse Salt Potato” when I saw the words that would change my mind: Fig and Pig, a pizza reminiscent of the fig and prosciutto pizza at Washington, DC’s Matchbox.

Photo May 13, 11 52 38 AM

Photo May 13, 12 07 24 PM


And, it was just as good. TNF uses a fig jam base, topping it with gorgonzola and mozzarella, and topping that with prosciutto. Salty, sweet, savory…what other “s” words apply? Sizzling? Suchadamngood pizza?

While waiting for my pizza to emerge from the fiery beast that is TNF’s oven, I stopped by Mami’s Kitchen for pernil sliders. I wonder whether I could get a bowlful of their pernil for a meal. It’s perfectly seasoned and carefully cooked with a rich, creamy accent from the melted fat. Put this on one of TNF’s pizzas and I think we have a winner. Toni picked up one of Mami’s cubano sandwiches, which is made with the pernil, ham, swiss cheese, and pickles before being pressed. Eight hours after lunch (while writing this post), I got a text message from her saying “Still thinking about that cubano…”

All the while, Toni and I were waiting for the payoff: Loompyas. We discovered Oompa Loompya together during our trip from the previous week. This week, Azella and her crew got off to a slow start thanks to a wonky deep fryer. This combined with the cool temperatures led to us taking our order back to the office. For the first time we tried all three flavors offered by Oompas and decided that the beef was far and away the best of the bunch, followed by the spinach and artichoke, and then the Buffalo chicken.

With the loompyas in the fryer, Toni ran over to Tortilla Jacks in search of guacamole and chips. There was no line, but it seemed like a long wait for tortilla chips and guac. And, it wasn’t until we got in the car that I noticed Tortilla Jack’s reason for its speed: the chips were made per her order. Toni snacked on these for the rest of the afternoon, as did I when she wasn’t looking.

Words of compliment and/or grievance?

The only issue of note was the weather. Foreboding clouds and chilly winds chased Toni and me out early and likely kept others away.

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