Introducing Two New Lists

“Good writers borrow. Great writers steal,” is the famous T.S. Eliot quote. I try not to do either, which is probably why I am (at best) a fair writer. But, I like a good gimmick and this is as good of a gimmick as any to promote Al Dente and the Central New York Dining scene.

Today, Al Dente is happy to launch two new maps that we are basing on concepts from the website

  • Essential CNY Restaurants: This is the portfolio of restaurants that are the best representatives of Central New York dining right this minute.
  • The Hot List: The hottest restaurants creating a buzz in local dining.

I’ll update these every few months as the seasons change and new things happen. It’s my gift to you, dear reader. There’s no longer a need to forage for food. Just let me tell you where to eat. 

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