Grocery List: February 1, 2015 (Plus A Giveaway!)

Here’s a trend that is due to hit America: supermarket rage. Think road rage but in a grocery store. From a website called AllKPop (which appears to be Korea’s version of Buzzfeed):

According to the head of the supermarket , Ms. Park told an employee that her phone wasn’t working and demanded that he fix it for her. When the employee told her to take it to the service center to get it repaired, Ms. Park reportedly retorted, “Why won’t you change it for me?”

Angry that she couldn’t get her way, Ms. Park shouted that she was a VIP customer and repeatedly struck the display stands. The employee called security, who proceeded to take her outside. Ms. Park became more violent and struck the guard handling her to the point that he began bleeding around his mouth. The police received a report regarding the incident and booked Ms. Park for assault.

To paraphrase Chris Rock, I’m not saying that you should act that way, but I understand. I know that I willingly and freely test my patience by grocery shopping on a Sunday, but it’s usually not that bad. Most Sundays, I’m at Trader Joe’s by 9 a.m., Target by 10 a.m. and Wegmans by 10:45-11 a.m. This puts me ahead of the post-church crowd and home around noon. I flew through the first two stores this morning, but found Wegmans to be nothing short of insanity. People who ordinarily do not go grocery shopping were there, messing up the flow of things. Children, dozens and dozens of children, with Beats by Dr. Dre headphones strapped to their head, wandered through the store with no direction. Women wearing puffy, ankle-length coats, holding small paper cups of coffee in front of them, walked around in front of their husbands, nodding in the direction of items for them to pick up.

My normal place of refuge — the beer section — was overrun with women in yoga pants asking their boyfriends “What’s an eyepuh (IPA)?” or “Why are you spending so much on that? For the same price you can get 12 Mic(helob) Ultras.”

After paying and loading my car, I ran every stop sign in the parking lot to get out of there.

Ms. Park might be ahead of her time.


I’m going to debut a new Al Dente feature this week. Book Report is the space where I will review cookbooks of local and national significance. The first book is The Pizza Bible: The World’s Favorite Pizza Styles, from Neapolitan, Deep-Dish, Wood-Fired, Sicilian, Calzones and Focaccia to New York, New Haven, Detroit, and more. That will post either Monday or Tuesday. And, just for fun, I’m giving away a copy of the book. Click here to enter.


  • Dave S says:

    C’mon! Superbowl Sunday and the day before a major snowstorm is forecast. What did you expect? You live near Fairmont as I recall, it must make for an convoluted TJ’s, Target, Wegmans run… Maybe work BJ’s and Costo in next time 😉

  • Rosalind B says:

    This happens all the time to me as well…. on Thursday I happen to go to our regular store and unbeknownst to me it was Senior discount day!! Ugh!

  • Rosalind B says:

    Name of my fave pizza place is Ledo’s Pizza in Maryland

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