Grocery List: January 11, 2015

First, don’t forget that you can enter the Olive Garden giveaway multiple times, but only once per day.

Saturday was the third, and final, Christmas celebration of my holiday.

Christmas No. 1 took place on, wait for it, Christmas Day. The In-Laws, The Father and my stepmother, The Aunt, and various members of The Wife’s family piled into the house for the ribeye roast and gifts. Christmas No. 2 was on December 27. The Sister-In-Law decided to spend the holiday with her husband’s family in the Greater Utica area, so they, plus other assorted members of The Wife’s family gathered at The In-Laws for dinner and more presents.

Saturday’s gathering was supposed to be the assorted remaining members of my family. The Father and my stepmother, The Aunt, and The Sister — who could not come up for Christmas due to her very new job and lack of paid time off — were to gather for dinner and, wait for it, more presents. Except that this happened in Watertown:

10904636_806615116063298_1919260880756606734_o video

The Father lives in the St. Lawrence River town of Cape Vincent, which is about 20 miles north of Watertown. Due to the nearly 4 feet of snow that fell Friday and Saturday, and will fall today, he skipped the trip. Probably a good idea since there were a whole bunch of travel restrictions in place. Saturday was mostly about The Kid opening presents from The Sister.

Oh, and eating. Why not, right? So, there was pretty much everything that The Sister likes to eat: sausage, and rappi and pasta. The Kid was playing with The Aunt, and I was washing dishes when The Wife announced, “Christmas is over. I want to start eating better. Let’s start eating like we plan to live until we’re 70.” I guess that means that this week’s meals will be healthy because when The Wife is happy, everyone is happy.

Butter is healthy, right?

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