Grocery List: December 14, 2014


Before we go any further, enter the contest.

I’m not sure there is a better use of $99 than Amazon Prime. We used to have it under Amazon Student (see also $49), but for some reason this year we got bumped up to the full tilt. Even at twice the price it’s a steal. Forget about the streaming videos and audio (though those are nice). The two-day shipping for free is the only way to go during the holidays, particularly as someone who detests human interaction in a retail environment. Plus, how can you beat the endorphin rush of arriving home to a blockade of boxes in front of your door?

Actually, I can tell you how. When your spouse looks at you and says, “We’re going to be paying for this year’s Christmas presents next Christmas,” that rush is negated. While The Wife may be exaggerating a touch, it does feel like we went a bit over the line this year. We operated under a giving cap ($150) for many years though it went away once The Kid was born. I’m not entirely sure why it went away or exactly what one of us needs that would cause this sort of e-commerce hysteria, but here we are waiting for the tracking updates from Amazon and UPS to appear on our phones (Actually, you want to talk about endorphin rush, it’s the updates from UPS and FedEx when your package arrives or departs at a particular point on its journey from warehouse to my house. We may be at the point where I need a better hobby than watching package tracking reports.).

So, where was I? Oh yeah, Amazon Prime is great.

Speaking of going overboard, this is my last work week of the year, which means that we’re about to go head first into a flurry of eating that starts within the day or two before Christmas, and extends to the weekend after New Year’s. With that in mind, I want to try something different around here. We’re going meatless this week for the five nights I’m cooking (Sunday through Thursday). There will be a couple of soups, a stew, and some other things. The goal is to eat a little healthier and try some new things before we get caught in the holiday spin cycle of roasted meat and pasta. Cutting out meat and processed food is as close as we get to a detox around here. 

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