Al Dente 2014: What We Ate

I write two of these “best of” posts each year. One wraps up the restaurants where I wrote about our dining experience. This is the other one.

Typically, I cook five of the seven nights in a week. The kitchen is closed on Fridays, and inevitably one other night of cooking falls victim to a work thing during the week, dinner at a friends or The In-Laws, or a Saturday evening out. Otherwise, you will likely find me in the kitchen from Sunday through Thursday working on dinner.

Rarely do I repeat recipes. We almost always eat something new each night, with the exception of leftovers or “eat the freezer” evenings. So, five nights multiplied by 50 weeks (I considered the week around Christmas and the week we go on vacation in July washouts) means that there are up to 250 different meals a year served here at Al Dente HQ.

A special thanks is due to The Wife for being my guinea pig, to my family for enduring my exotic holiday means like grilled ham steaks, and to you, dear reader, for sifting through them all.

What follows are the 10 most read recipes of 2014, in alphabetical order:

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