Chain Challenge: An Update


A few weeks ago, I introduced you to my Chain Challenge fundraiser for the Walk To End Alzheimer’s. The idea is that I’m a food snob that turns his nose up at commonplace chains like Outback Steakhouse (gag), Red Lobster (yuck) and Olive Garden (vomit).

Occasionally, I mention the challenge to people and they look at me funny.

Wait. You raise money and you can go out to dinner? Yes. I raise money and I go out to dinner. But, I exist at the whim of a mid-30s professor that spent his formative years in Lockport, N.Y. Friend, Roman and Smartest Guy I Know Prof. Brian Moritz is in charge of this expedition — as it was his idea — and he will be responsible with selecting the restaurant and my four-course fate. I get one preemptive strike, but there is plenty of chance for it to go horribly for me.

So, where do we stand?


I stand at 75 percent of my $1,500 goal with $1,130 banked.

A handful of people broke the $100 barrier for the challenge. They include Candy Johnson, Jeremy and Holly Hartigan, Phil and Julie LaBella, Tim Paventi, Scott and Jennifer Wolf, and Matt Traub. They will have the privilege(?) of consulting with Brian on what gets ordered during the meal.

I will formally recognize all of the donors later on this season.

There is plenty of time to get in on the action. Visit my Walk To End Alzheimer’s page, get your credit card ready and make a donation. And, if you have questions about Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or why this is important, visit

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