Grocery List: May 25, 2014


Family Fun Sunday started early this morning with a trip to Wegmans followed by some quality time at Onondaga Lake Park and coffee at Starbucks. Three-day weekends are nice. They are even better when you take Friday off and make them four days long.

Seriously though, quiet weekend here. We bought all of our plants for the 2014 Garden Experiment. Those get planted tomorrow. I made a quick trip to Manlius and visited Side Hill Farmers to pick up the pork belly that would become Saturday evening’s dinner. And The Kid ran herself around until she crashed on the couch during a viewing of Cinderella. Good day, followed by a good dinner with friends, followed by late evening drinks on the neighbors’ deck.

And today? Shooting for a repeat.

Enjoy your weekend. And, while we should remember why there is a Memorial Day weekend, please lay off the slacktivism. If you really want to make a difference, volunteer at your local VA Hospital or veterans home. Make a donation to Wounded Warrior Project, Fisher House Foundation, or Clear Path for Veterans. Help the children of deceased servicemen pay for college. Support the restoration of the memorials on the National Mall.

Be an activist. Do some real good. Don’t just post a picture on your timeline.

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