Grocery List: March 9, 2014

Photo Mar 09, 9 56 43 AMAnother Pleasant Valley Sunday here in Status Symbol Land. Sadly, it’s one of those Sundays where there is no coffee.

I know.

Yesterday, I ran a coffee pot cleaner through our KitchenAid Grind ‘N Brew. This was one of those powders that you push through the entire water system to descale and decalcify everything. The instructions say to run it until the outputted water is no longer blue. Two full pots of water later, we were fine. Or so I thought.

This morning I come downstairs and The Wife says, “Why does my coffee taste like soap?” Sigh.

So, the pot of coffee was dumped and I’m working without a net this morning. I had a cup of orange juice, but that doesn’t seem to do much more than fulfill my acid intake for the morning. No, before I enter a grocery store of any sort, I need coffee. A big one. An iced one.

Speaking of coffee, delicious coffee, I was out shopping for dinner ingredients on Saturday and dropped by Cafe Kubal’s Downtown Syracuse location for an iced pour-over. If you’ve never had this, it’s quite a thing. Think of it as a personal drip coffee. It was glorious. Not unlike a French press, all of the oils were released and I was left with a cup of coffee that was explosive with flavor from the dark roast.

Here’s a video of them putting it together:

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