Grocery List: January 5, 2014

todayIn theory, The Wife goes back to school tomorrow. She was supposed to return on January 2, but an overnight snow and threat of more scuttled those plans. Windchills in the minus 20s scrubbed Friday from the calendar. Tomorrow looks nice, but the National Weather Service is already predicting windchills of -30 for Tuesday morning.

The weekend was good around here and has only quieted down as of the past hour. Friends from out of town were in with their children. I was off duty from the kitchen, but on duty for figuring out where to eat. We had planned to go to the Coppertop Tavern near my house on Saturday night. Our party of 10 was impossible to seat together, so we ended up at adjacent tables. It happens.

Anyhow, the problem was that we could not figure out where to go at 5 p.m. Saturday, which also happened to be an Syracuse basketball gameday, without a near hourlong wait. As I said, they accommodated us, but apparently we’re far too enormous for our own good.

Next time, we plan ahead. Next time, I’ll cook.

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