Grocery List: December 22, 2013

photoThe Sister and I are having a discussion about whether Paul Walker is really dead, or alive and in hiding. The Kid just took a header off her bed and landed head first. This after a Saturday where The Sister blew a tire on I-80, The Kid was absolutely bratastic, and The Wife and I forgot to eat dinner.

It’s Christmas.

I spent an hour on Saturday at Wegmans John Glenn looking for a list of items that were out of stock. The produce department looked like it had not been stocked in days. And it was “Take Your Ill-Behaved Child to Wegmans Day” in Liverpool.

It’s Christmas.

There’s more bacon in my house than one man should have. Three empty beer growlers are on my counter, while two full gallons are waiting in the basement to be emptied and refilled.

It’s Christmas!!

The Father, who lives in Cape Vincent, emailed The Sister to tell her that he was having an ice storm and to be careful while driving. The Sister took that to mean that there would be ice along every mile of highway from Long Island to Syracuse. In the age of smartphones and the Internet, no one thought to actually look at what her transit situation would be.

It’s Christmas.

The GEICO roadside person, Brianna, who I called for The Sister was awesome. She arranged the tow, called the tire place to make sure they had inventory and asked them to hold the store open for her, and talked The Sister out of a nervous breakdown.

It’s Christmas!

And I’m heading to Wegmans and Target on December 22. I am overflowing with angst and already clenching my jaw at the prospect of the crowd. Why?

Because it’s Christmas.


I whine, but The Sister is home safely, The Kid is back to running around and The Wife is back in off the ledge. I’ll have more Christmas Movies That Don’t Suck, a restaurant review and some other goodies this week. Until then, enjoy your Sunday.

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