Grocery List: December 15, 2013

tenderloinSo, I love Wegmans. The genius shown in their products and services is something to behold. For instance, this year the price of whole beef tenderloins in the Syracuse area is $12.99 per pound. I was going to do this for Christmas day dinner, but I’m leaning towards a cheaper sirloin roast instead. I digress. So for $12.99/lb., you can buy a roast that you have to trim (which you probably shouldn’t do since there is no other fat on the roast) and tie. OR you can lay out $8 more a pound for them to do it.

The Wife points out that the people who are going to spend that kind of money would never get their hands dirty in the first place. I believe that the people who can’t do that on their own will likely mangle this roast by cooking it to a bone-dry medium-well, because these are the people who would never eat raw (read: rare) meat.

Photo Dec 15, 9 23 25 AMSo, these people deserve to spend $8 per pound more for meat that they will ultimately ruin.

See? Tell me that Wegmans isn’t a genius organization.


Tonight, I will be at the opening party for World of Beer. This is my second Destiny USA opening extravaganza, including the Revolutions opening back in October or November (I don’t remember when it was, exactly. The fall is basically a blur.)

World of Beer’s concept is pretty simple: celebrate the beer from breweries you may or may not know. No Budweiser, Coors or Heineken. Lots of Rogue, Dogfish Head and Stone. From the looks of its events calendar, it appears that WOB will also mix in local bands with beer and sports.

WOB’s official opening is tomorrow. I’ll post some photos on Twitter tonight and a report at some point soon.

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