The best laid plans…

2013-04-27 at 18-25-44The Kid’s Celiac disease diagnosis has meant a fairly vast overhaul of the food we keep in the house. Our cabinet and cold storage is not large, so we try to do our best to use the space we have. Since The Kid spends a lot of time eating frozen breakfast foods like pancakes and french toast, we have stocked up. As a result, our freezer is pretty full.

Saturday, after The Wife and The Kid went outside to enjoy the weather, I cleaned out the refrigerator and, then, the freezer. My best guess is that I threw away about $60 in freezer burned or more than one year old meat. The best laid plans were to use the leftover half-pound of ground lamb or ground beef in the freezer. The best laid plans were to reanimate my cryogenically-frozen pancetta when cooking dinner.

That bag in the main photo above? That’s pancetta. I am not sure that I could tell you when I purchased it. Ghost white and freezer burned, there’s no way this could have tasted anything like pork, fat or anything but stale freezer air.

2013-04-27 at 18-28-14This was the worst offender of the lot. A nearly two-year-old bagful of ground pork, left over from Burger Week. Yikes.

2013-04-27 at 18-28-10Though only a year old, this has more visible ice than visible red.

2013-04-27 at 18-25-59This might be sauerkraut. Sauerkraut with a nice thick ice cap to it.

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