Grocery list: April 21, 2013 (or share a little HOPE)

I’m not really here.

Through the magic of scheduled posts, I wrote this post the other day and booked it for Sunday. It’s like this is a real publication or something.

Anyhow, during the upcoming week, I’ll begin sharing a series of posts that revolve around The Kid’s recent diagnosis of Celiac disease. That begins tomorrow afternoon.

As for right now, I am probably sitting in a conference room in Washington, D.C. at the 2013 Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum. I’m one of about 950 people from across the country to be part the 25th anniversary edition. It’s the largest gathering this event has ever seen. Pretty cool.

So, in that spirit, instead of me talking about my weekly grocery store trip, I’m going to ask you to take a little action. This year, our legislative focus is a bill called the HOPE for Alzheimer’s Act. If signed into law, it would create a package of services aimed at a formal and documented diagnosis, ensure that comprehensive care planning services are provided after a diagnosis to Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers, and require documentation of a diagnosis and any care planning services in the beneficiary’s medical record.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Self. Doesn’t this already happen?” It doesn’t. So often, people go to the doctor seeking help for a cognitive impairment and are sent on their way with an unclear diagnosis of dementia, a prescription and no direction. The HOPE Act would put a certain level of responsibility on doctors to diagnose correctly and provide counsel to their patients. It’s a good bill and one that needs support.

So, what can you do? Send your U.S. Senators and Representative an email and ask for their support of the bill. It’s simple. It’s easy. It take 30 seconds.

And, if you aren’t busy, I’ll be tweeting from the conference all week for work.

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