Grocery list: Easter Sunday 2013 (and a Gaslight Anthem)

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Every couple reaches a point in their relationship where they don’t need to look at or speak to one another to communicate. I don’t believe in extrasensory perception, but I do believe that when I screw something up that The Wife emits a different type of energy.

Today’s tale of marital bliss began yesterday when my gas light came on. I ignored it, but it did not escape notice of The Wife. She wanted to stop on the way home from lunch with The Grandparents to get gas. I wanted to get home to get The Kid (and me) down for a nap.

I should have stopped for gas last night when I picked up dinner, but I wanted to get home to watch basketball and figured I could get gas on Sunday before or after our Wegmans trip.

I loaded The Kid into her seat of my Honda Pilot and started the car. It stuttered, coughed and conked out. Without even looking, I knew exactly what face The Wife was wearing.

It’s the same face I get when I tell her about a speeding ticket or a broken appliance. If The Face had its own sound, it would be “God damn it, Jared.” If The Face required a workout to form, The Wife would spend days at the gym working the muscles in her cheek so that she could perfectly scrunch her face, clench her jaw and purse her lips. If The Face had a biological classification with a Latin name, surely the word Motherfuckerus would appear somewhere.

We unpacked The Kid and our reusable grocery bags and tried again in our Chevy Impala. That car had plenty of gas.

As I mentioned last year, Easter is not my favorite of holidays. We woke up and did a Easter egg hunt in the house with The Kid. The Easter Bunny brought her a couple of new books and the two of us had some quality father-daughter time. We watched The Golden Girls and she recited Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to me from memory.

No big Easter dinner this year. My father and stepmother are spending the holiday with her family. My in-laws are spending their final day in Myrtle Beach before migrating north on Monday. We’ll celebrate the resurrection this evening with pancakes because, well, why not?

It will be a long week around here and one that is light on dinners. That said, we’ll try something new for Meatless Monday and a couple of other different offerings during the week.

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