Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck: Frosty The Snowman

EDITOR’S NOTE: To celebrate Christmas 2012, I’m offering a list of the only Christmas songs worth listening to. At the risk of sounding self-righteous or arrogant (two things I do regularly and with precision), everything not on my list is pure twaddle…filler between the good songs. I considered calling this “The Only Christmas Songs Worth a Shit,” but it’s Christmas. Right?

Actually, this song does suck. But, not when Ronnie Spector is at the mic.

The Ronettes may be remembered for “Be My Baby,” but their rendition of Frosty is The Ronettes and The Wall Of Sound at their respective best.

It’s really a damn shame that Phil Spector, for all that he did for music, for The Ronettes, for “River Deep Mountain High,” for everything, he’ll be remembered as this guy:

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