Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck: Blue Christmas

EDITOR’S NOTE: To celebrate Christmas 2012, I’m offering a list of the only Christmas songs worth listening to. At the risk of sounding self-righteous or arrogant (two things I do regularly and with precision), everything not on my list is pure twaddle…filler between the good songs. I considered calling this “The Only Christmas Songs Worth a Shit,” but it’s Christmas. Right?

It’s not the best Christmas song. It’s not the best Elvis Presley song. I’m not certain that it’s Elvis’ best Christmas song. But it’s certainly his catchiest and most popular. And, it’s engrained in my memory with the following image:

2002-09-02 at 17-18-03

Our annual reunion trip of college friends used to be degenerative festivals of drinking. Cases of beer, handles of vodka and rum would all perish in our quest to poison ourselves righteously. We’ve since become responsible adults with children around, renting million dollar beach homes. But back in 2002, we were poor twentysomethings that would get terrifically drunk at cheap ski chalets in the Adirondack town of North Creek, N.Y.

On one of those evenings, after a lot of Labatt’s Blue, our friend Matt serenaded us with “Blue Christmas.” The photo above shows him with a beer bottle, but at some point he switches to a decorative pine cone.

Like I said, there was a lot of beer.

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