And now back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress

So, it’s been a while. For the past 14 days, I’ve been running nonstop. It’s not that I haven’t been cooking, but that I haven’t been to the grocery store on a regular basis. Rather than my usual stress-ladened Sunday visit to Wegmans, I’ve been speed shopping. Moving down aisles with no list, grabbing what I think we need and not necessarily what The Wife had mentioned the evening before.

The culprit was a 14-day stretch of events known as Walk To End Alzheimer’s, a series of special events that saw me and my cohorts cover more than 1,000 miles of roadway in Upstate New York. In the process, the team I work with raised more than $340,000 to support programs and services in Central New York, as well as research that will one day lead to a cure.

Today marked the end of this run, as we drew our Walk season to a close in Ithaca. The trip rounded itself out with a trip to the Ithaca Coffee Company and Ithaca Bakery in Triphammer Marketplace.

I’m not 100 percent sure what dinner will bring this week, but I can be certain of one thing. There will be a list involved. Order will be restored to the world. As soon as I get a good night’s sleep.

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