Grocery list: July 29, 2012

For some people, summer ends with Labor Day. In Central New York, the beginning of the New York State Fair marks the bitter end. As a kid, my birthday (August 25) was a depressing reminder of school’s nearing return. Now, I hit that threshold the moment I finish unpacking the car from my annual summer trip south. When I go back to work following that trip, I’m go 100 percent into Walk mode. Walk being the annual Walk To End Alzheimer’s, the Alzheimer’s Association‘s largest event of the year. I have a number of behind-the-scenes roles with Walk and, while I do a lot of work on Walk before my trip, my August is all Walk, all the time.

So, it is with some sadness that bid farewell to this summer with my first and final grocery list of the month. I was going to post my grocery list from the Rehoboth Beach trip, but I put everything on Evernote and managed to delete the list by accident.

Speaking of deleting things, I managed to lose today’s list within 10 minutes of being in Wegmans. Luckily, I took the photo of today’s list before leaving the house and I could open it up on my iPhone. Ahhhhh, technology.

Today’s list, as well as some meat in my freezer, will result in this week’s menu:

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