Grocery list: April 21, 2012


Light list for this week. It’s so short that it fit on one of my snarky sticky notes.

I write this from my desk at the beautiful Renaissance Hotel Washington, D.C., where room service oatmeal is $8 and two muffins are $14. I’m here for our annual public policy forum, which should be pretty cool. Pat Summitt speaks on Tuesday night and one of the smartest people I’ve ever heard speak (Frank Luntz) is on deck at some point.

Don’t feel bad for The Wife. She has enough leftovers in the fridge and emergency dinners in the freezer to keep her fed. Feel badly for me…all alone in my hotel room, facing 14-15 hour days in a conference room…

Actually, don’t feel badly for me. I had Cuban food for dinner, there’s a Starbucks in my lobby and the bar has Fat Tire. All in all it could be worse. There could be no Marriott Rewards Points!

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