Airport Eatin’

Those who are Facebook friends know of my Wednesday/Thursday travel escapade. In short, a flight cancelation led to a domino effect delaying my arrival in Syracuse from 11:59 p.m. Wednesday to after 7:30 p.m. Thursday. The result was a lengthy stay at JFK and the quest for a dining choice that wouldn’t kill me.

JetBlue plane at JFK

Spent a lot of time waiting for one of these on Thursday.

The Terminal 5 renovation led by JetBlue led to a dearth of good dining choices, but the healthy options are slight. The salad bar in the food court made for a nice option, but at $11.99 per pound, the expense was quite a concern. Essentially, I got by on protein-boosted 400-calories all-fruit smoothies at Jamba Juice, along with a couple of Clif bars. Oh, and a lot of coffee.

It would have been easy to shoot it all to hell. The Chipotle in Concourse B at Dulles served a chorizo breakfast bowl that looked really good. 5ive Steak, the noodle bar and Cheeburger Cheeburger could have been options, had there been a viable resolution for fried food gone wrong. As it was, 8-10 servings of fruit from Jamba Juice offered its own level of havoc.

New York City requires calorie counts to be posted on its menus, which helps. Fat grams would make for a prescient addition, but a posted nutritional guide might be more helpful. Making the quick choice is easy, especially on the road, but balancing ease and convenience with what is actually good for you is a challenge unto itself.

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