Link Dump: 03.06.11

I need to get to Vegas or Cali soon...

Periodically, I’ll do a link dump of food articles I find worth reading. It’s a cheap ploy to fill the blog with content and not have to do a lot of work. Hence the name “link dump.” So, when you’re done with your tiger’s blood transfusion or waiting for the NFL to solve its labor problem, fire up a few of these links:

  • The In-N-Out Matrix (Every Item From the In-N-Out Secret Menu on a Single Page): Serious Eats
    I drooled on my keyboard.
  • Real Chefs Take Shortcuts: CHOW
    “To pick through a bag of dried chickpeas, sort them by size, get rid of the twigs and pebbles, train my staff to cook them the same way every day (perfectly tender, correctly seasoned) and to dedicate two hours’ worth of burner space in my tiny and already burdened kitchen would be a bad business decision. I will continue to let Goya make the chickpeas…”
  • WikiLeaks: How the Cola war was on in Libya: Reuters
    It’s not often two citations from Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” collide. Here you get it from the same verse (“Terror on the airlines” and “The Cola wars.” I can’t take it anymore.)
  • Drinking the Bottom Shelf: 40s of Malt Liquor: Serious Eats-Drinks
    I missed this one when it ran. Always a plus when you get to hear snobs talk about slumming it. Makes me think about a college friend who spent his freshman and sophomore years buy Silver Lightning malt liquor by the case.
  • The Chef Who Lost His Sense of Taste: NPR
    A compelling story about über-chef Grant Achatz, who lost the ability to taste when he developed cancer of the tongue.
  • Take Back the Trash: The New York Times
    “Only in recent decades have we ceded control of our refrigerators and pantries to nameless bureaucrats and faceless corporate automatons who are surely motivated as much by fear of lawsuits or selling us more stuff as they are by whether my dinner tastes good. The moment has come to restore the sniff test to its rightful place in the American household. It’s time to take back the trash.”
  • A Good Ouzo Just Needs H2O: The Washington Post
    I had my first taste of ouzo at a young age…11 or 12, maybe? Christmas Eves usually started with deep-fried smelt and the menfolk drinking ouzo and anisette.

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